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amigurumi monsters, angsta rap, apocalyptic folk, apocatastasis, apuleius of madaura, arrested development, breakfast for dinner, c.s. lewis, capslock, catherynne m. valente, coil, complaining about cancon, coptic, crypto-catholicism, crypto-freudianism, current 93, cyprian of carthage, david foster wallace, deconstructing every little thing, descriptivist/prescriptivist cage matches, djarum blacks, duran duran, dwarf fortress, elaborate multilingual puns, ex opere operato, flogging my kittens, foux da fa fa, free boat rides for three, garth marenghi's darkplace, getting worked up about relatively trivial stuff, godspeed you! black emperor, gödel's incompleteness theorem, harvey birdman attorney at law, hathor, ironic enjoyment becoming heartfelt, john crowley, jorge luis borges, lions, making everything about gender, making everything about race, michael chabon, michel foucault, mithraism, nadja, nick cave and the bad seeds, nurse with wound, ookpik, opium-drenched french poetry, ostia, overdoing it with the eyeliner, party down, productive misreadings, ragdoll kittens, ramen for breakfast, re-ment kittens, reading the hansard for fun, rewriting songs so the lyrics are about cats, romish popery, salty language, scorn, severed heads, sherlock, six organs of admittance, skinny puppy, slings & arrows, sludgy metal epics that go on forever, swans, sweet sweet imovane, test dept., thai food, the black heart procession, the botticelli annunciation, the greek magical papyri, the howling fantods, the inmost light, the legendary pink dots, the lonely island, the million maenad march, the moon lay hidden beneath a cloud, the nag hammadi library, the secret history, the sisters of mercy, the venture bros., throwing devil horns at the opera, transubstantiation, u.s. christmas, vietnamese iced coffee, whiskey tango foxtrot, wikipedia talk page drama, wondermark, yarn porn, yelling a lot, yurbles because they look like lions
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