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Oct. 15th, 2017 11:32 am
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I am so bad at this updating thing.

Between having a week off work and then getting sick (again), I've been spending a lot of time on the couch binge watching. Here is a list of tv stuffs I have been watching in the last month or so:

The Good Place: I find this fun, but now that I am caught up and have to wait for weekly episodes, each one feels short.

Glitch: season two - so good, so interesting, but now we are more into the SF of how people came back from the dead, and less into their personal histories.

Bojack Horseman: I watched the entire 4 seasons in just over a week. I'd assumed this was yet another mean and sarcastic cartoon for adults, but I ended up caring a lot about the characters, even the mean and sarcastic ones.

Star Trek: Discovery: I think I want to like this more than I actually do, but it doesn't matter as I am utterly smitten with Michael Burnham and want her to be happy, which means I'll probably keep watching forever.

Dance Academy: seasons one and two on Netflix, season three on iview - I find this silly show for teenagers about a Sydney ballet school surprisingly charming and easy to watch.

Grace and Frankie: Another show I didn't watch before and then devoured in a few sittings. I have loved Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda since I was about 12, and they are a delight to watch together. Some good stuff about ageing and being single older women. I find some of the story lines a bit clunky, but there is good natured humour to keep me watching.

American Vandal: Who drew the dicks? I wasn't sure about it but the mockumentary format really works, and the kids actually look and act like teenagers and their theories are so dumb that it's beautiful.

The Good Fight: A spin off from The Good Wife and does assume background knowledge for some plots and characters. I like Rose Leslie's character, strange to see her playing and American, but she does it well. It still does that annoying thing of ever so slightly fictionalising actual people and events and the episode with the character who was Not!Milo was one of the weakest.

I am frustrated with Netflix for making new shows I want to watch which only air weekly. I guess it's because they want to sell them to other networks, but it sucks.

RIP Carla Henebry

Oct. 7th, 2017 11:09 pm
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I was singing at the memorial service for one of our congregation at St. James today, Carla Henebry, who died just under two weeks ago, aged 86. A good age, but it was sudden, she had not been ill, and was still very active.

I knew her a little, through the sanctuary work, for which she was a regular volunteer, one of the many political and volunteering activities she'd got involved in, since she moved to Cambridge from Colorado to live with her son and his family, a little over a year ago - not much longer than I've been here.

As I knew a little of, and as was made very clear in the service by Revd. Holly and her family and friends, she was an activist all her life. She was involved in the sanctuary movemement in Colorado in the 1980s, and got involved in the new sanctuary movement here and now. She was very active for Palestinian rights, having found and got involved in two separate groups, a Palestine water justice group and the Cambridge Bethlehem People to People group. She was involved in the St. James prison ministry. She's been involved in the peace movement, the environmental movement, and much else. She was, as her daughter in law said, a Social Justice Warrior long before the phrase became a term of abuse.

She was, Holly and her friends said (and it fits with the little I knew of her), determined and unstoppable (though not moving very fast these days with her arthiritis), but compassionate and without rancour in what she did, and always with a sense of humour and fun. Also a passion for travel.

I don't know if she was ready to move on, but I think the world, and her family, could ill afford to lose her.

She was fighting for justice to her final breath. Rest in Power, Carla Henebry, and Rise in Glory.


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